For demanding communication projects, I rely on good and selected partners. c-i-design specializes in corporate design and develops fresh, sustainable and well-maintained corporate appearances.


Ancilla Schmidhauser is managing director of Impact Consulting: “Can people remember what they tell you or do they write about? Do people remember your company, what you offer?” Ancilla Schmidhauser from Impact Consulting is a business storytelling expert, because storytelling helps when it’s in the head and shoulders Engaging in people’s hearts, stories help companies and people to develop and disseminate their stories so that they are remembered and action-driven. “

c-i-design is one of our strategic design partners when it comes to developing ideas and creative implementation solutions for demanding communication projects. c-i-design, under the direction of Martin Kopp, designs and realizes unique visual solutions that are needed today as a basis for target-group-specific communication. Companies are able to make their mark on the market with their services and products. I like to recommend c-i-design.

Ancilla Schmidhauser

Owner, Schmidhauser Impact Consulting