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For demanding communication projects, I rely on good and selected partners. c-i-design specializes in corporate design, corporate communications and websites. For fresh, sustainable and cultivated company appearances.


Ancilla Schmidhauser is managing director of Impact Consulting: “Can people remember what they tell or write about you?” Do people remember your company, what you offer? “Ancilla Schmidhauser from Impact Consulting is a business storytelling expert, because storytelling helps when in the head and in the head Engaging in people’s hearts, stories help companies and people to develop and disseminate their stories so that they are remembered and action-driven. “

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delphin teamwork AG, René Bugmann

René Bugmann is manager of the personnel consulting dolphin teamwork in Uster and the marketing company c-i-design has been looking after and maintaining the corporate design of the well-known personnel consultancy for about 10 years. dolphin teamwork gives jobseekers and job seekers a new perspective with new impulses in the right place. With defined values and criteria agreed with the customers, dolphin teamwork brings together good positions with good staff.

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Planetwerks AG, Tony Ryf

Planetwerks AG specializes in IT solutions for private individuals, IT solutions for companies, Synlogy NAS, multimedia, training and remote maintenance. Planetwerks AG was founded as a stock corporation on 18.1.2000. The head office of Planetwerks AG is at Nüschelerstrasse 45, CH-8001 Zurich

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